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Facial Enhancement #01

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial enhancement acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery, botox injections and other more invasive treatments. It improves facial muscle tone and minimizes lines and wrinkles making you look younger and fresher. 6-10 treatments are typically required to produce the desired result

What results can I expect?

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture can help to

• Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce puffiness
• Lift sagging jowls
• Soften deeper lines
• Fade age spots and small scars
• Enhance cheekbones and eyes

Facial Acupuncture promotes blood circulation to the skin and lymph drainage, the result is a more radiant glow to the skin and a generally more toned and firmer appearance. Acupuncture points are used to assist the energy flow throughout the body, giving an overall feeling of improved well being. Please bear in mind that this treatment is not a replacement for cosmetic surgery, it will enhance the natural features of your face but it will not change the shape of your face or nose.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people having regular weekly treatments will notice a difference after 4-6 treatments. Everyone is different and changes depend on skin type, age and other health factors. I usually recommend a course of 6-12 weekly treatments depending on individual requirements. Regular top ups every 1 or 2 months can maintain the effects.

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